Through Twilight Boughs

XP: 790
GP: 100

A: Cold iron bracers
B: Utility staff +2
C: Flute of the dancing satyr
D: +2 Mithrendain steel longsword
E: eldritch serpent armor +1
F: any magic totem of 6th level or less from Player’s Handbook 2
G: ritual scroll of Speak with Nature
Consumable plus Gold: brightleaf + 0 GP
More Gold: + 125 GP

Story Awards
AGLA06 Friend of Aldaron the Loremaster
You rescued Aldaron the Loremaster from a deadly
attack. He is very grateful and has offered to assist you in
the future should you need to draw upon his expertise in
ancient history and the Feywild. You may contact
Aldaron in person any time you are in the city of
Veltalar in Aglarond. If you have rituals or other abilities
that allow you to communicate across great distances,
then you might be able to contact Aldaron from other
locations, if allowed by the DM. The DM will also decide
exactly what form Aldaron’s assistance might take and
what benefits you can gain from this assistance in any
given situation.

AGLA07 Through Twilight Boughs
You have learned much about the Tome of Twilight
Boughs, an ancient and cryptic Yuir text that seems to
hold great significance to the members of the Cult of
Voldini in Aglarond. You and your companions have
thwarted the Cult’s efforts for the moment. However,
the rituals contained in the book do not seem to do quite
what the cult members were expecting, a mystery that
surely requires further investigation.
This story object is the continuation of the Major
Quest that began in AGLA1-1 Lost Temple of the Fey
Gods and concludes in AGLA1-7 Twilight Ambitions.

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